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Folding Screen Smartphone, who is offering an all round mobile solution
published on 13.05.2010, 19:32:14. Category: Wireless, Mobile and Wi-Fi Technologies.
Mobile cell phones getting smaller and smaller just does not cut it anymore, mobile telephony convergence and interoperability with wi-fi technology dictates otherwise, mobile phone manufacturers now have no choice but to revert to slightly larger size phones. Smartphones of the future have to have the standard PDA screens no less and larger where possible. Larger Screen size becomes a critical and an important part of the Smartphone user experience, in comes a folding screen Smartphone as the answer, however, the question is who is going to offer an all round complete solution.
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Stimulus Package Or Environmental Ethics, What Powers Cisco's IP Smart Grid
published on 21.05.2009, 02:01:08. Category: Technology and the Environment.
Wi-Fi, WiMAX and Wireless Technologies Interoperability with Electricity Grids, translated into the new buzzword "Smart Grid", enabling the whole electricity supply chain to be managed and controlled using Internet Protocol (IP) networks and undoubtedly those networks are likely to be based on the new IPv6. This would certainly have a positive environmental impact, however, given the economic downturn currently experienced, the real motivation may just be the $20bn annual worth of this emerging market after Obama's approval of the US Stimulus Package, injecting billions of dollars in environmentally friendly industrial and technological initiatives!
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Wireless Wi-Fi Transfer With Resume Capability Possible With WirelessGet
published on 01.05.2009, 20:34:27. Category: Wireless, Mobile and Wi-Fi Technologies.
Perhaps the most attractive feature about the WirelessGet software application is the ability to copy over Wireless / Wi-Fi any files or folders with resume capability and its phenomenal speed. Be it from a network drive, hard drive, USB Stick, DVD / CD or any other storage media (Including a wired LAN). As long as you have access to and the owner is allowed to share with you, copying over Wi-Fi is a breeze, public or private Wi-Fi hotspots locations or access points are no exception, you just need to have access to them!
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4G, Wi-Fi / WiMax and IPv6 Interoperability The Complete Mobile Solution
published on 22.04.2009, 20:31:45. Category: Wireless, Mobile and Wi-Fi Technologies.
This is what we were all waiting for, the ability to use a mobile device and be able to access, communicate and interact through video calls with friends, colleagues, family and friends worldwide.
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Blogs Now Launched For Readers And Inviting Candidate Bloggers
published on 23.02.2009, 13:38:04. Category: General.
Though still tweaking the blogging section, we did not want our members to wait any longer and will carry on improving it as we go along. As always we use open source modules and this one is no exception, however, we changed a lot of the code and added a lot of design features to suit the site.
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