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Only approved members are allowed their own blog, if you have not done so, register for membership first under the Signup link on the left navigation panel, we only need a nickname and a valid email address to start with. After doing so, please update your profile in your account, the link to your profile is named "Extended Profile". Write a short but convincing biography about yourself with a link to previous work (if possible). After doing so, please use the main contact form to apply for a blog, don't forget to include your nickname you used here so we know who you are. We'll review the applications and usually approve your blog within 24 hours should our decision be in your favor.

Before applying, below is a short summary of the terms and conditions of use and benefits, if your application is successful, you are deemed in our view that you have read and understood what's outlined below in addition to our master Terms Of Use, and are hence in full agreement:

1 - Conditions:
  • 1.1 - You want a blog to demonstrate your good writing ability so other sites, companies and others in the media, hence gain solid reputation and achieve success as a successful writer / journalist or reporter for others as an example. You can on the other hand use your blog to attract people to your own site for services you may wish to render, or improve your sit'e ranking as a result of having every article you write linking to your site...the choice is yours. What we need are dedicated people to add value to this site which in the short and long run will add value to their own sites or companies or personal reputation. Having said that, maintaining your blog here should follow our ethics in linking to other sites. WE do not tolerate linking to sites that are in conflict with our TOS, that include sites promoting adult content, violence, controversy, illegal content, religious or political radical views, racism or any that may be included in our main Terms Of Use
  • 1.2 - Your website/s link/s, contact info and services or any personal interests you may have should be placed on your profile page and only one link allowed at the end of any articles in addition to your name or nickname and email address if desired. Readers can always click on your profile link to see who you are and what you have to offer!
  • 1.3 - Your blog should not be purely for self promotion or that of your site, goods or services. Furthermore, any written articles should not be written for the sole purpose of luring readers to your own site or to contact you, though having a link to your site is acceptable. For example, you write an industry analysis about the "Credit Crunch" and how the Wireless & Telecom industry is reacting to it or any impacts felt, you post stats, figures, or quote senior industry or government recent decisions, comments or plans....then you make some observations and conclusions. All that should have been alien to your site or goods / services and you did not once mention "our widgets available from widgets.com are sold cheaper..." or "according to widgetson, CEO at widgets.com, the situation can only get worse, widgets sold at widgets.com are now half price due to this crunch.." etc. If you did, that will be considered breaking this TOS besides looking like spam to our readers which by the way is not going to do you or your site any good. Though in some circumstances you may be justified if for example you are a senior figure at Linksys, British Telecom or Microsoft and having your blog here is to air your views or those of your employer who do not need to attract visitors to their site, but to inform our thousands of readers and members who happen to be mainly related to the industry.
  • 1.4 -Articles, Stories, tutorials and comments should:
    1.4.1 - Be in English, well written and presented, based on credible facts and figures if they happen to be a report or paper.
    1.4.2 - Be Unique to this site, never were they in any shape or form been published before anywhere else***.
    1.4.3 - Follow proper journalistic and reporting ethics and guidelines including impartiality, integrity, non biased views when it comes to commenting or writing about a sensitive issue.
    1.4.4 - Be your own material and should respect proper Internet etiquette.
  • 1.5 - We offer content to our readers who are in the wireless and telecom segment and expect most material to focus at least in part on the Computer and Internet, Wireless & Telecom, Wi-Fi and Wireless Networking and related industry. Tutorials, howtos, problem solving, good and bad experiences, hardware and software troubleshooting, analysis, forecasting, recommendations, critiques etc are all welcome.
  • 1.6 - Anything you write on your blog should not be subsequently copied or published in any shape or form online or offline anywhere else, the work is considered the property of this site. Though you jointly own the copyright, permission has to be sought from our editor to publish anywhere else. An acceptable quote or paragraph to entice others to come to your blog for further reading is acceptable and indeed encouraged on other sites.

    *** Rewriting of an already published work by changing the style, titles, words and meanings and injecting or introducing new findings or ideas may be acceptable so far as not to be seen as duplicate of an already published and read work. As a general rule of thumb, a different title should be used, and no more than 40% of the words should be used from the original material. The idea is to offer a different write-up on the original you wrote or offer an enhancement or an updated edition. Readers should not go away feeling that they read the same article already somewhere and waisted their time (besides your article risking a ban from indexing by search engines as duplicate content).

2 - Benefits and Advantages:
  • 2.1 - Your blog is the first stop for potential employers, buyers of your services or advice to assess your potentials, writing knowledge and skills.
  • 2.2 - A valuable link to your site for would be readers to come to your site for whatever you have to offer that is compatible of what you write about. If you are an industry consultant, your blog would have indirectly communicated great deal about you. Companies, individuals and organizations seeking help, might have just found the right person to solve their problem or offer what they were looking for, as you proved that by writing about some scenarios they themselves are going through.
  • 2.3 - Joining dozens of bloggers, news writers and editors who collectively make the Wi-Fi technology Forum a larger, content rich site which in turn further pushes its ranking and placement on Internet search portals to higher positions for more keywords and phrases searched for. The latter is in contrast to blogging on your own site which makes you (in most cases) a lone voice with a weaker ranking with less traffic. Any material you write which is deemed valuable to readers will be picked by the editor for publication on our news which is syndicated to a large selection of daily news aggregators (google, MSN, ASK...), a link on the news release will be placed to your blog to read more, so the more you write, the more possibility of news releases and links to your blog.
  • 2.4 - Financial Reward:
    All your efforts are rewarded in kindness and through non financial means, however, this is our own discretionary decision and may be canceled at any time:
    We aim to reward our main bloggers who write a minimum of four articles per month (one per week) by sharing any revenue that might have been generated from the banner or ad placed on the blog, for those, the banner will have a unique tracking to distinguish it from others and allows us to asses any revenue from that particular banner every three months. Note, any revenue sharing can only be initiated after the first five (5) successfully published articles. We decided on a 60/40%, you will be paid the 40% after expenses. If the banner allocated to your blog has generated $1000, around $200 will be for admin expenses and you receive 40% of the remaining $800. Please note, this initiative is to encourage people to contribute in the hope that their writing becomes well visited to the extent that they have added a great value which includes financial revenue to our organization, it is only fair to share that with them, after all we are a non-profit organization.
  • 2.5 - Why host a site just to run your blog and run the risk of server and software problems, costs, admin time, troubleshooting, downtimes, security risks, long times to wait for ranking and visitors...when you can just login, write or copy and paste what you wrote and publish, and that's it! minutes later, hundreds if not thousands are reading your material and either contacting you or coming to your site for help, to buy your service or goods. If you are established as one of our main independent staff writers, a payment every three months will be hitting your bank or paypal account!